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At Bank of England Mortgage Troy, our primary focus and goal is to serve our clients for their entire life.  We understand that you are not always looking to buy a new home which is why we are here when you need to Refinance also.  Bank of England Mortgage Troy and Alex Kandah offer some amazing options for Refinance Loans to give you the opportunity to lower your interest rate, monthly payment, or restructure your current loan for other benefits such as paying off other debt or using your home equity for a remodel or other reason.  Alex Kandah at Alex Kandah - Bank of England Mortgage offers many different Refinance options and has extensive experience with helping clients in Troy, Michigan and all across the United States get in a better financial position.

Advantages of Refinance Loans

There are many advantages to gain from a Refinance.  The market can dictate when it is best to Refinance if your main objective is to lower your monthly payment or interest rate.  History tends to repeat itself, so just because rates may be higher now than last year doesn’t mean there may not be an opportunity for you to Refinance in the future.  Many clients in today’s market are still using Refinance Loans to put themselves into better financial positions.  Some are Refinancing into shorter loan terms to pay off their home quicker.  Many are taking advantage of their home equity to pay off other debt that may have higher interest rates and payments or to pull cash out to remodel their home, pay college tuition, take a dream vacation, or invest in other things.  Even though rates increased in 2018 from recent years, they have settled down a bit early in 2019 and are still at a historic low.

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Requirements for Refinance Loans

There are many different types of Refinance Loans, so there really isn’t a standard requirement since it can vary on the type and reason for the Refinance.  Alex Kandah at Bank of England Mortgage is happy to consult with you to help guide you in the right direction to best meet your financial goals.

Get Pre-Approved for a Refinance Loan

Applying for a Refinance Loan with an experienced Mortgage Banker is crucial.  Alex Kandah has an extensive knowledge and vast experience with all types of Refinance Loans to guide you through every step of the process.  If you are looking to Refinance your home in Troy, Michigan or anywhere else in the United States, contact Alex Kandah - Bank of England Mortgage at (248) 633-8555 or simply fill out the form on this page for prompt, professional, honest guidance.  Bank of England Mortgage Troy offers Refinance Loans in Troy, Rochester Hills, Birmingham, Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield as well as the entire state of Michigan and rest of the country. Call or text today (248) 633-8555.